Learn Real English - Authentic Conversation

Learn Real English - Authentic Conversation
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Have you noticed that native speakers rarely use the formal English you learned in school? Why not? Because you learned formal English in school, but most native speakers use casual Conversational English when they speak to each other. Learn English conversation first, because it is the key to the entire language. In other words, you must focus first on the spoken language and real conversation. Master English conversation before you worry too much about reading and writing.
By “real English conversation”, I mean English as it is actually spoken by average native speakers in their day to day lives. By this definition, CNN and the BBC are not “real English conversation”. In fact, an announcer reading a teleprompter isn’t conversation at all!
There is nothing wrong with CNN or the BBC, but that style of English is not the style that is used in homes, in offices, and on the street every day. Announcers, for example, are very careful to speak in complete sentences, to avoid most slang, to speak very clearly, and to avoid using filler words.
Real people constantly speak in sentence fragments, constantly interrupt each other, constantly use idioms and slang, constantly smash words together into strange contractions, constantly speak quickly and constantly use filler words! That’s why so many students have trouble when they visit the USA, Canada, the UK, etc… The English they hear on the street is nothing like the English they learned in school and nothing like the English they heard on the news shows!
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