Mechanics for Young America: A book for boys How to build

Mechanics for Young America: A book for boys How to build
How to... 19xx ... Reprinted

Popular Mechanics | 1910 | ISBN: n/a | 129 pages | PDF | 8 MB
A book for old and young who like to make things. Tells HOW TO ... build boats, water motors, wind mills, searchlight, electric burglar alarm, ice boat, water bicycle, cabins, camps, clocks, fishing tackle, kites, imitations street car line, et cetera. The directions are plain and complete.
HOW TO MAKE A PAPER BOAT: A Light Boat That Can Be Easily Carried
To Hang Heavy Things on a Nail
A Home-Made Elderberry Huller
How to Make a Bulb on a Glass Tube
How to Make a Sconce
How To Make a Hectograph
How to Make a Sailomobile
Jug Line Fishing
How to Make a Miniature Steam Turbine
How to Make a Pair of Dumb-Bells
A Home-Made Magic Lantern
A Quickly Made Lamp
How to Make a Paper Aeroplane
How to Make Your Own Fishing Tackle
How to See Through Your Hand
A Film Washing Trough
The Diving Bottle
How to Make an Inexpensive Wooden Fan
Combination Telegraph and Telephone Line
How to Make a Miniature Windmill
How to Make a Telegraph Instrument and Buzzer
How To Make a Water Bicycle
Electric Alarm that Rings a Bell and Turns on a Light
How to Hold a Screw on a Screwdriver
How to Make a Lead Cannon
How to Waterproof Canvas
How to Make a Crossbow and Arrow Sling
A Home-Made Vise
Temporary Dark Room Lantern
Camps and How to Build Them
To Make an Electric Piano
Another Optical Illusion
Electrically Operated Indicator for a Wind Vane
A Home-Made Floor Polisher
How to Make a Lady's Card-Case
Home-Made Fire Extinguisher
How to Make Water Motors
A Barrel Boat for Sailing
A Simple Steamboat Model
Home-Made Blowpipe
Ornamental Iron Flower Stand
How to Make a Coin Purse
How to Make a Turbine Engine
Electric Rat Exterminator
How to Make a Simple Fire Alarm
To Build a Merry-Go-Round
Novelty Clock for the Kitchen
How to Make a Small Silver Plating Outfit
Removing a Tight- Fitting Ring from a Finger
A Photographic Jig-Saw Puzzle
Rolling Uphill Illusion
Annealing Chisel Steel
How to Make a Post Card Holder
Perfume-Making Outfit
Home-Made Duplicator for Box Cameras
Optical Illusions
Use of Kerosene in Polishing Metals
How to Make Lamps Burn Brightly
A Practical Camera for Fifty Cents
Use for an Old Clock
Renewing Dry Batteries
How to Make a Simple Burglar Alarm
How to Fit Corks
Home-Made Crutch
Home-Made Necktie Holder
How to Make a Trousers Hanger
Easy Designs in Ornamental Iron Work
How to Make a Water Wheel
How To Build An Imitation Street Car Line
How to Make a Bell Tent
Novelty Chain Made from a Match
An Interesting Electrical Experiment
Restoring Broken Negatives
Coin and Tumbler Trick
Another Way to Renew Dry Batteries
Simply Made Wire Puzzle
A Mechanical Ventriloquist And How To Make It
How to Build an Electric Engine
Devices of Winter Sports—How to Make and Use Them
'Jumping Jack' Fisherman
Winter Velocipede
The Running Sleigh
The Winged Skater
Ice Boating
Folding Chair Sleigh
The Toboggan Sled
The Norwegian Ski.
Home-Made Settee
Enameling a Bicycle Frame
How to Make a Sewing Bag
Home-Made Roller Skates
Adjuster for Flexible Electric Wires
Making Photographs on Watch Dials
Home-Made Overhead Trolley Coaster
How to Make an Electric Furnace Regulator
Weatherproofing for Tents
How to Make a Toy Battery Motor Lift A 10-lb. Weight
How to Remove Glass Stoppers from Bottles
Kites of Many Kinds and How to Make Them
How to Make Rubber Stamps
To Light a Gaslight Without Matches
How To Make a Trap For Rabbits, Rats ard Mice
Novel Electric Motor
How to Build a Model Yacht
How to Make Paper Balloons
How to Make a Very Simple SteamTurbine
Trailer for a Bicycle
A Window Lock
Home-Made Telephone Transmitter
Quickly Made Lawn Tent
How to Make a Windmill of One or Two
Horsepower for Practical Purposes
To Renew Old Dry Batteries
How to Make a Propelling Vehicle
Ringing a Bell by Touching a Gas Jet
A Water Candlestick
A Library Set in Pyro-Carving
A Phone idoscope
A Home-Made Yankee Bobsled
How to Make a Small Microscope
How to Make a Hammock
How to Obtain Cheap Dry Batteries
How to Make a Water Telescope
How to Rid Your Yard of Cats
Drying Films
Grooved Pulley Made from Sheet Tin
An Emergency Glass Funnel
Two Boys Build an Automobile
How to Make an Etched Copper Picture
How to Make an Easel
How to Construct an Annunciator
How to Make a Steam Calliope
Home-Made Snowshoes
A Velocipede Racer
A Substitute for a Compass
Glass Blowing and Forming
Will Ring an Electric Bell, Flash an Electric Light, Shoot a Pistol Four Times and Call the Police
Loosening Salt in a Shaker
Keeping Matches Dry
How to Repair Tungsten Lamps
How to Make a Cruising Catamaran
How to Train a Dog
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