Ruby Reloaded with Peter Cooper

Ruby Reloaded with Peter Cooper
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Genre: Web Development, Ruby Programming | Language: English
Do you want to boost your confidence about how Ruby works? Did you learn Ruby 'on the job' and miss out on the details? Are you a Rails developer who wants to get under the hood a bit more? If you understand at least the basics of Ruby and want to progress further with guidance, Ruby Reloaded is for you!
What's covered
The Ruby ecosystem and its history
Building a Ruby library (and gem) from scratch
Key differences between Ruby 1.8 and 1.9
TDD (Test Driven Development) from first principles
How to use Test::Unit and MiniTest::Spec
The 'Ruby object model' in depth
Modules, classes, including and extending
Procs, blocks, closures and lambdas — and how they're all useful
Building a Web service using Sinatra
Idiomatic Ruby techniques and Ruby code style
Metaprogramming and how to implement a DSL
Enumerable and its powers
Core data structures like Arrays, Hashes, Strings, and Symbols - with approaches, techniques, and syntax you might not have encountered before
How to effectively 'code walk' and analyze existing Ruby code to learn useful new techniques
A regular expressions primer — why are they useful and how can you use them well
Lots of 'oh, nice!' tips and tricks along the way

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