XML Security

XML Security
2002 | 379 Pages | ISBN: 0072193999 | PDF | 2 MB

Keep XML applications and documents secure with help from the leading authority in e-security
Get up to speed on XML and applied security technologies using this authoritative guide. Covering the fundamentals of XML structures and related security technologies--including XML signatures, XML encryption, and the XML key management specification--this resource contains both the conceptual information and the practical techniques you need to successfully work with this data-structuring language. You'll learn how to implement RSA Security's product CertJ--which secures Java- and XML-based applications--and get advice for preventing against denial of service attacks and other security violations. Written by a member of RSA Security's developer support team, this definitive book gives you all the knowledge you need to keep XML-based programs and documents digitally secure.
  • Learn to implement a solid XML security system using the latest technologies
  • Use the book as both a security and XML primer
  • Review schemas, DTDs, Xpointers, XSLT, namespaces, and more
  • Learn about the various signature types--such as enveloped, enveloping, and detached
  • Understand the structure, syntax, and processing rules of XML signature types
  • Examine the need for an XML key management system (XKMS)
  • Counteract specific security breaches--including denial of service and replay attacks
  • Find out about recent W3C XML security standards
  • Implement CERTJ--RSA's product which ensures security for Java and XML-based programs
  • See how data privacy can be applied to XML structures via encryption
  • Protect your XML-based programs and improve security with the most authoritative guide to XML security available.