999 Questions on the Rules of Golf

999 Questions on the Rules of Golf
English | 2009 | ISBN: 1906635331 | 246 pages | EPUB | 1,3 MB

Most golfers would like to know the Rules of Golf better. 999 Questions on the Rules of Golf is the smart way to learn the Rules because it is easy to dip in and out of, contains interesting scenarios that readers will recognize and relate to. There are questions, answers and, most importantly, explanations to the myriad of situations on the golf course that a golfer may encounter. Answers are conveniently located immediately beneath each question and are directly referenced to the applicable Rule of Golf, or Decision on the Rules. The questions are tiered into three knowledge levels; 333 simple questions that should be familiar to every golfer whatever their handicap; 333 more difficult questions relevant to both casual golfers and Golf Club members; 333 advanced questions for those seeking to expand their knowledge of the Rules. For variety, the questions are further subdivided into three formats; true/false, open ended and multiple choice. A detailed index provides an easy and convenient way for readers to reference specific situations as they arise. There are multiple questions on every one of the 126 sub-sections to the 34 Rules of Golf.

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