Rip 60 Fitness System

Rip 60 Fitness System
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Genre: Sport
Jillian Michaels Rip 60 Fitness DVD Set is clearly a new product. Jillian Michaels isn't the primary trainer; Jeremy Strom kicks off the workouts. I had been considering the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program as a system to help me get back into shape after many years of infrequent exercise (and a few health problems). This program clearly is made to compete against P90X, and it offers some interesting benefits at a better cost. I jumped at the chance to try this, but you should know that the trainer on the pre-release DVDs was not Jillian.
WEEK 1: The week 1 DVD begins with what they call a 'warm-up' but to me felt like a shock to the system. I had to perform Week 1's workouts in stages. I did as much of the program as I could, and found myself needing an off-day every other day. Hence, I decided to take 2 weeks to perform all the same number of days as I would have if I did this every day. It was still a challenge well into the second week, so I had little fear of plateau.
WEEK 2: I am doing week 2 during what would have been week 3, and it seems to not be getting easier. I am trying to power through it.
WEEK 3: I am halfway through the program and I am finding my stamina has increased considerably. I am not really seeing any visible changes in my body yet. But I am definitely able to finish workouts that, in the beginning, I needed a break to get through.
Here are my overall thoughts so far. The exercises and movements are not difficult on their own, but they are well designed so that when they are performed in sequence they present a real challenge. They don't always seem to inform people of how to adjust for fatigue or modify exercises. Pace yourself carefully if you are not a fitness junkie.
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