Modeling, UV Mapping, and Texturing 3D Game Weapons

Modeling, UV Mapping, and Texturing 3D Game Weapons
ISBN-10: 1556228708 | PDF | 21,6 Mb | 425 pages

This book is all meat and cuts right to the point - modeling and texturing game weapons like a professional. Written by Christian Chang, weapons modeler on America's Army and now at EA, this book delivers what the reader wants. Starting with a discussion on customizing your modeling application for ease of use, the book emphasizes the importance of employing professional techniques when setting up your project. From there, the chapters concentrate on creating specific weapons - from a samurai sword to a modern high-velocity, fully-automatic machine gun - in a step-by-step progression from simple to complex. Each weapon is modeled, UV mapped, optimized, and finally textured for realism.
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