SQL: The Complete Reference

SQL: The Complete Reference
Published: 1999-03-01 | ISBN: 0072118458 | PDF | 689 pages | 4 MB

The ultimate guide to understanding and using SQL
Gain the working knowledge of SQL and relational databases essential for today's information systems professional. Relational databases built on the SQL database language are the foundation for modern enterprise data processing and are also a force behind many of today's most important trends. SQL: The Complete Reference provides an in-depth discussion of SQL fundamentals, modern SQL products, and SQL's role in trends such as data warehousing, 'thin-client' architectures, and Internet-based e-commerce. This book is your one-stop resource for all you need to know about SQL. Together, the book and CD-ROM will help you:
Learn the key concepts and latest developments in relational database technology
Master the industry-standard SQL language for managing database information
Understand the differences among all the leading brands of DBMS systems
Create and use the sample database to run the SQL query examples in the book
Set up and manage SQL-based databases and write programs to access them
Understand how to use and program SQL databases with application servers and the Web to create e-commerce applications
Find out about the proposed SQL3 standard and the key trends in object technologies, 64-bit architectures, distributed databases, 3-tier Internet applications and more
Get quick answers to specific SQL language questions using the comprehensive appendices
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