SharePoint Designer 2010 Essentials: Advance your Shifts. Learn at your desk

SharePoint Designer 2010 Essentials: Advance your Shifts. Learn at your desk
Mindcracker | English | 2011 | ISBN: n/a | 111 pages | PDF | 6 MB

This EBook is designed to give SharePoint developers an introduction and overview of the features in Microsoft® SharePoint® Designer 2010. It begins with a brief introduction and a summary of what’s new, followed by a more in-depth discussion of the most pertinent features of Designer 2010.
You can use SharePoint Designer 2010 to create end to end solutions on top of SharePoint using functionality such as the Data View web part, Workflow designer, manipulating web part zones, creating page layouts and use of the built-in reports; just to name a few.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems
Computer and processor:
Hard disk:
Additional Operating System Details:
Summary of what’s New
Redesigned User Interface Introduction
File Tab
Site Summary Page
Navigation Pane
Gallery Pages
Summary Pages
List & Content Type Editors
Navigation Bar
Zoom to Contents
All Files View
Workflows introduction
Reusable Workflows
Export Workflows
Association Columns
Associate Workflows with Content Types
Site Workflows
Edit the Workflows Included with SharePoint Server
Design a Custom Approval Process
Impersonation Steps
Visio Integration
Workflow Visualizations
InfoPath Forms
Sub Steps & New Workflow Actions
XSLT List View Web Part Introduction
Shared XSLT templates for better performance
Reverting the XSLT Customizations: Made Easy
Create Data Views from the Ribbon
Apply Conditional Formatting from the Ribbon
Share View Styles and Apply them from the Ribbon
External Content Types and BCS Introduction
Create External Content Types in SharePoint Designer 2010
External Lists
External Lists in a SharePoint Workspace
External Lists in Outlook
Business Data Columns, Workflow, and Word
How to Install SharePoint Designer 2010
Share Point Designer 2010 Best Practices
Working with SharePoint Master Pages
Differences Between the Master Page and Content Pages
Benefits of Master Pages
Types of SharePoint 2010 Master Pages
Required Place Holders
How to Customize the Master Page
Customizing Master Pages in SharePoint Designer 2010
How to Deploy a Master Page
Working with Pages
Enable AJAX Options in List View Web Parts
Views and Forms Web Part in SharePoint Designer 2010
Working with Data View Web Parts
How to Preview a Data View Web part
How to Use a Data View Web Part to Show Data from SQL Server
Data View Migration Issues
XSLT List View Web part
How to Create an XSLT List View Web part in Designer 2010
How to modify XSLT List View Web Part using conditional formatting
XSLT List Form Web Part
Data Form Web Part
List Form Web Part
InfoPath Form Web Part
Adding Custom Actions to the Ribbon UI
Adding a Custom Action to a SharePoint List Item
Adding Custom Action to a List Form Ribbon
Working with Workflows
SharePoint Workflow Demo
Exporting a SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow to Visual Studio
Working with External Content types
Creating External Data Column for a List
Creating an External List
Customizing a Blog Site Using SharePoint Designer 2010
Backup & Restore in SharePoint Designer 2010
Backup and Restore a Web Site
Import Web Site Wizard
Publish Web Site

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